The G.A. Richards Group

The G. A. Richards Group consists of several Michigan-based operations that each engineer and build components for various global manufacturers. With 100 years of experience, we compete across the general industrial and office furniture market. We provide the necessary input to our customers that optimizes component design for our manufacturing processes.

Who we are

Our customers depend on us for innovation, efficiency, on-time deliveries, and defect-free components. To meet our customers’ needs, we are continuously looking for ways to improve our operations. Our goal is to be the best option for our customers and the strongest complement to their operations. We are continuously striving to attract the best talent and provide them with the greatest opportunity in order to most effectively serve our customers.

The Industries

Furniture Group

The office furniture industry is a $9.3 Billion Industry. The majority of the industry is made up of a handful of players while hundreds of companies make up the rest of the market. The core products that once defined the industry have begun to rapidly be replaced by new technologies. Because of this, the Office Furniture Industry is ever evolving which requires every company in the industry to continuously adapt to the ever changing product mix. Still, a few things remain the same. Quality products, exceptional customer service, and timely deliveries continue to be the backbone to the successes of the businesses that supply this industry. It is those characteristics that allow this industry to continue on its path of growth despite the decline in its once-core product group.

Industrial Group

The General Industrial Industry covers a wide-range of sub-industries. These include the automotive, electric motors, aerospace, agriculture, heavy equipment, medical, and many other industries. Each of these individual industries has its own unique dynamics. At the core, however, these industries contain a level of overlap which includes materials, processes, employee skills, and more. This allows suppliers to serve more than one of these industries without sacrificing the dedication to any one industry. Because of this, the suppliers in these industries are uniquely positioned for continued growth and an endless supply of new opportunities.

What we do

We provide value engineering and analysis that support our customers’ design requirements, allowing us to manufacture our customer’s components to their exact specifications while maintaining exceptional levels of quality and efficiency. Our operations have each earned various certifications ensuring we are able to meet the demands of the most critical clients. We are capable of producing and measuring products with aggressive tolerance design requirements in a variety of materials in both low-volume/high-mix and high-volume/low-mix demand.



1060 Ken-O-Sha Industrial Dr SE

Grand Rapids, MI



(616) 243-2800

G.A. Richards Group

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ICW: 42.829474, -85.983089
Corlett-Turner: 42.813833, -86.037200
G.A. Richards Industrial Operations: 43.128294, -86.220706
G.A. Richards: 42.908176, -85.640595
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G.A. Richards Wood Operations: 42.908312, -85.640889
MAG: 42.814556, -86.038593